Sunday, November 25, 2018

Failure is the stepping stone to success.

Very few out of millions win success in all of their works and attempts. What stopped the rest millions from winning success? Success and prosperity depends upon the way we think and act. Many give up the work at the first time failure. Failure is the highway to success. No failure, no success. The final outcome of failure is success. Failure and success are close associates and inseparables. Every success story is also a story of failure. Every success has behind it many struggles and failures. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Fear is an enemy to life. Fear and doubt of failure short-circuit the mind. 

One great man at the age of 21, failed in business. At 22, was defeated in legislative race. At 24, again failed in business. At 26, lost his wife. At 27, had nervous breakdown. At 34, lost a congressional race. At 45, lost senatorial race. At 47, failed to become vice-president. At 49, again lost senatorial race. At 52, got elected as the President of USA. He was Abraham Lincoln. Despite many discouraging adverse comments that he had no talent for music, Beethoven could give the best and finest music tunes to the world. Sir Thomas Edison could invent electric bulb, approximately after more than 10,000 failed experiments. Despite many rebukes and abuses, Wright Brothers could fly the aeroplane for the first time. We find many such inspiring stories.

It should be understood from the above, consecutive failures could not discourage and prompt them to give up their long cherished aims. Every failure encouraged them to continue with enhanced enthusiasm and bounce back with changed outlook. They learnt lessons from every failure and have good introspection into what failed them and checked it out to right way. Their unquenchable faith in their efforts, firm determination and perseverance made them face failures with every vigor and inspiration. With undisturbed spirit of inspiration and motivation, they could win the success and let failure enjoy the taste of 'failing'. Great men always win success not because of absence failures, but in spite of failures and hurdles. You can win success, only when you believe you can.

Don't read success stories,
read failure stories, you will get some ideas to success.
---A P J Abdul Kalam.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Please, Don't Make Our Country A Old Age Home.

Parents are the visible God on earth. Their love and affection for their children is immeasurable and unending. They are like candles burning to give light to others. Mahabharata (Nirvana) said 'mother's love weighs more than that of earth and the place of a father is higher than the sky. Upanishads (Corvallis-II) gave utmost first choice to parents saying ' Matrudevobhava, Pitrudevobhava, Acharyadevobhava, Atithidevobhava'. It is clearly envisaged from the above popular quotes that parents deserve our respects and should never be considered as liability.

It is a fact that unlike said above, many parents and old people in our country are leading a life of abuse, humiliation, and isolation. It is estimated that more than 100 million old people exist nowadays in our country. Only 35% of them have some financial background and supportive children. The rest 65% who are from economically weaker sections, without proper education and support on their behalf, are leading most wretched lives. Being considered as liability and thought to be thrown out to streets in destitution. Simply to say in clear terms,  they are nothing but orphans or neglected, who awaits death! However, irrespective of the financial status, many parents and old people from all walks of life are facing abuse in one form or the other. After marriages, parent-children relationship is becoming still worse. The need physical and emotional support of their children in the fag end of their lives. Don't make them feel neglected.

Many Indians after completing their education have been going abroad with good intention to secure high earning job and settling there, if possible obtaining citizenship of that country. Of course, this matter needs a lot of debate and this is not the proper platform to go deep into the merit and demerit aspects of this issue. Despite arguments both ways, the painful question is " What is the fate of the old parents and who will take care of them, when their children go abroad and settle there?'. Is money everything for them than parents? With whom they share their joy and troubles? It is pity to see that the retired and old are being made an employee or something inferior even to that. The services of their left over old parents in the country are being best utilized to keep watch and ward of their properties and belongings, collecting rents, managing bank accounts, dealing with, reacting and responding to litigation if any etc. Could old parents be so much dynamic in their late age?

In order to avoid frustration and untold miseries to the old parents and other aged people, Governments should implement some measures such as including some additional questionnaire in the format of applications for passports
such as 1. would you have aged parents to look after? 2. Would you propose to stay abroad for long? 3. Who would take care of your parents in your absence? What is the present health position of your parents? Suggestions of the Reg. Medical practitioner. Governments should be very strict in dealing with requests to go outside the country. Actions should be taken to make necessary legislative enactments in this regard. It is necessary to have an act protecting the interests and welfare of the old, along with punishments to the offenders. Also, Governments should start a separate 'Ministry For The Old And Aged' clearly envisaging and enacting the modes operand i of the concerned rules and regulations. All these are very necessary and essential not to make our country' a land of neglected old and retired people'.