Thursday, October 18, 2018



Good habits, control over eating, positive thinking, with no addictions whatsoever, averse to roadside junk food, timely sleep and awake, fitness exercises, medical check up and tests at regular intervals, and sticking to vegetarian food are some undenying factors that contribute to good health. Due to many unconvincing reasons, we are replacing our traditional foods for breakfast and lunch etc. with junk food, and the like. Could you certify that all the food and all other edibles available in corporate hotels or 5 star hotels etc. are cooked or prepared in strict conformity with all the hygenic and sanitary conditions?All prepared in haste with recycled and date expired oils and materials to exploit the innocent customers of their money and health. Why should we spend our hard earned money on such food stuffs that spoil our health in the long run? Why should we ignore taking our age old and unharmful traditional food items in breakfast and lunch etc.? Trust the age old for the best and live happy and healthy life throughout. Choose to eat the homemade food and stay healthy.

It is high time to think a while, about  food related health hazards. Whether curable or incurable, we have been spending much of our hard earned money for their treatment. Irregular food habits grant your excess weight of the body. Its another name is obesity, which turns you a patient of diabetes. Obesity associated with diabetes is the mother to many bodily complaints and health problems. To sum up them, they are.. suffering from breathing inconvenience while climbing stairs upwards or at the time of running after a moving bus to catch it. The memory power of the human brain decreases and then it takes more time to recapitulate our past memories, etc. Heart diseases, deterioration of sexual potentiality, interrupted progenic happiness are some more complaints which encounter one and spoils the harmony of the domestic relationships. Another more lurking danger is cancer. Also, eyesight starts falling down.

According to researches of the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB), the individuals with obesity are also twice as likely to go blind. Certain problems relating to the eyesight, such as Cataracts, and damages to the retina are always there for the patients of obesity. Diabetes is the outcome of obesity. It increases the risk of an eye damaging complication 'Retinopathy'. Eyesight decreases when the blood vessels in the retina are damaged. If this complaint of the retina is left unchecked and untreated, can damage vision. Hence, it is inevitable to undergo eye tests at least once in two years. If not, running at the risk of missing signs of specific eye conditions or underlying systematic diseases such as high blood pressure or Glaucoma cannot be ruled out.

Finally, stop eating junk food at the roadside and other food garbage worth to be thrown into a dustbin. Better, go after home made food and other traditional foods in your breakfast and lunch etc. Take care of food related health hazards.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Simple Tips To Health.

Don't think lightly of the pumpkin-seeds, as many often do. These seeds rich in nutrients play a vital role in managing the health. Not waste worth dust-bin. Phytosterols and anti-oxidants present in these seeds in plenty fight the harmful anti-bodies. Psychological health will be good. Phytoestrogens in these seeds help grow good cholesterol. All the problems of menopause like pains, etc. will be controlled.

Excessive fibre content present in these seeds promotes the human digestive system. Even consumed less, we feel our belly full and enjoy healthy brain. Just, quarter full of a cup of these seeds, supplies half of the magnesium required by the body. Improves heart functioning. Brings blood pressure under control. Cellular growth of the body will be increased by the zinc content present in these seeds. Remember, like many ingredients in a balanced diet, these seeds also play a vital role, to the best of our health.

It may be inconvenient to sit tight before the computer hours together. Are you busy with your project work? Undergoing stress! No time to exercising? For all these hurdles, yoga at your place is the only solution. With no fatigue. You can renew all the exhausted energy and start to work with all the vigour and enthusiasm as before. Hence, do yoga exercises at the same place where you work and stay. Do the following simple yoga exercises as many times as possible, just observing a gap of 3 hours.

1. Move your body to the left and right sides at least for 8--10 seconds.
2. Raise your hands one after the other and keep in such position for 8--10 seconds.
3. Move head left and right for 8--10 seconds (each side)
4. Relieve your back for 8--10 seconds.
5. Stretch your hands up and front for 8--10 seconds.
6. Move your body to the left and right sides for 8--10 seconds. A great relief will be experienced.

Monday, October 8, 2018

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

TRIPOSO is an app that helps you make a memorable tour duly giving all the details of accommodation and other available facilities/activities in more than 50,000 hotels in the world. This app works both online and offline. You can book accommodation in advance. It suggests you various popular tourist places depending upon your tastes and preferences. Also, this app shows you various places of historical importance together with the details of all hotels situated there. Also, you get the details of temperatures prevailing there with weather conditions from time to time. However, this is a free app with all the required utility services at your disposal.

Important Precautions Before Journeying.

It is not always wise to disclose details of our proposed journey. In the interest of safety and privacy, secrecy should be maintained before going on a journey, whether lonely, or with family members or friends, kith and kin, etc. Keep your family members informed of the details like your stay, the correct address of the Hotel in which you secured accommodation and the program of your further journey. Better to book accommodation in advance of your journey, else you may have to face some inconvenience or troubles.

Before booking the accommodation in any hotel, enquire whether there is any special provision of accommodation, exclusively for women. If so, make sure where the Emergency Exit is situated. Check out the accommodation, whether it is fitted with secret cameras/Sensors concealed for misuse or malafide intentions. If not checked and make sure there is no such appliances, possibilities for lady abuse and other malpractices like resorting to blackmailing practices can not be ruled out. Better to be on our guard against all anticipated abuses or harassments.

Never disclose the details of your journey or stay with unknown people or some enquirers. Women should take extra care and precautions in this regard. Remember, there are lurking dangers to women exclusively in new places. Don't spend your time speaking to people whom you do not know well. Right and good always it is to stay away from unknown faces. Beforehand precautions save you while on a journey, though not to a greater extent.